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Seeking God's Will In My Life

By Janice LaQuiere

As a 34 year old single woman I understand firsthand the struggle an unmarried person goes through trying to discern "God's will" for her life. For a married person it seems self-evident. The Bible instructs him to be a faithful and loving spouse, and to raise his children in godliness. Much of a man's life becomes centered on these activities. Providing for the family, as God directs, becomes his priority.

However, for a person who has remained single, this question seems much more ambiguous. We ask; "What is God's will for my life?" We look toward the future. We try to discern the hidden meaning of Bible passages, or seek direction from Sunday sermons and the leading of our heart, but without any clear guidance. We tend to think God has hidden His will for our lives, that it's a great mystery and it's up to us to uncover it. Often in our zest to discover His purposes for us we try to formulate a plan that is months or years beyond our ability to know the future. Instead, we should remember that we have a loving Father. If we place our trust in Him, and if our hearts are submissive, He will see to it that we remain in His will, and that we fulfill His purpose.

What is God's will? Micah 6:8 says "He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." This is God's will for our life. Note, that this command, this evidence of God's will, isn't gender specific or based on marital status. No, this is commanded for everyone.

1 Timothy 5:10 as well as Titus 2:3 both set forth some rules for the women in the church, which includes single women. We are called to be an example "in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; ...To be discreet, chaste, good...."

Likewise a godly single man should be "sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience," just as his married counterparts should. These are the first steps we must take in order to follow and to remain in God's will.

What does God have specifically for me, though, and for you? We can start by looking at the priorities that is set out in Scripture. We have family; maybe we have nieces and nephews to whom we can give guidance and direction. In today's culture everyone lives their own lives, and we tend to forget about the responsibilities we have to our families. We also have a responsibility to our friends. You don't need to be married to encourage, to listen, and to help strengthen older women to stay on the right path. I live my life as an example and a confidant of both the younger and the older women around me. We may also find that as "life happens" God's will for our life may change. As I look around I see my responsibilities to my family, to my coworkers, to my friends, and to my neighbors. These are responsibilities that God has given me. Instead of complaining about the drudgery of work and purporting to seek God's future will for my life, I've grasped hold of these responsibilities recognizing them for what they are God's will.

One afternoon while out driving, I was struck with the distinct impression that I should investigate a controversial news story in which the lives of two police officers were affected. At the time both of these men were strangers to me. As I read through old articles and police reports, it became evident that a serious injustice was committed. As the result of my research I became involved in this very public case for the next several years. This was unexpected and not in my plans. A year earlier it would never have crossed my mind to become an activist on the behalf of these two officers. However, because I remain open to following God's will, when the Spirit spoke, I listened.

Next year I may discover that God has a totally different purpose for me. You may find your purpose is caring for a sick relative, or leading a Bible study, or something greater that is now unimaginable to you. Many times, in order to find the greater things we are to do, we stumble over and ignore the smaller things that God asks of us. If each one of us were to look around we would see the responsibilities that God has given us. If we are wise we will grasp those responsibilities, no matter how mundane or disagreeable they might seem to us. In doing so we follow God's will for our lives.

© 2004 Janice LaQuiere

Janice LaQuiere lives in Michigan with her family, fulfilling the responsibilities that God has given her.

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